I develop and maintain several projects related to my daily work:

  • OdooRPC (doc, pypi, github)

    Python module providing an easy way to pilot your Odoo servers (8.0 and superior) through RPC. Like OERPLib, but inspired by the new API that appeared with Odoo 8.0. It drops the compability with OpenERP, and is focused on Odoo exclusively.

  • OERPLib (doc, pypi, github)

    Python module providing an easy way to pilot your OpenERP/Odoo servers through RPC (5.0 to 8.0).

    Prefer the use of OdooRPC for Odoo >= 8.0.

  • Mandibule (www, bitbucket)

    Graphical tool helping developers to extract useful information in a day-to-day development on the famous OpenERP/Odoo platform. Based on OERPLib.

  • Ansible roles

    Make your service deployments less error prone and reproductible with Ansible:

    • odoo / openerp: to deploy Odoo/OpenERP on Debian and Ubuntu platforms
    • nagios-server: to install and configure a Nagios server (including NSCA)
    • nagios-client: to monitor hosts passively with Nagios through NSCA checks
    • rsnapshot-master: to configure a backup master with the rsnapshot tool
    • rsnapshot-slave: to configure the hosts to be backed up by the rsnapshot master
    • iptables: to configure firewall rules with iptables
    • kallithea: to deploy Kallithea, the source code management system for Mercurial and Git
    • apache: to deploy and configure an Apache web server